Inductiva API

Simulation at scale made simple just using Python from your laptop.

Inductiva API is a Python package that simplifies simulation and optimisation at scale, providing easy access to computational power and a library of pre-defined simulation use cases.

Hardware acceleration

Accelerate your simulations with both GPU and CPU

Simple portability

No need to worry about hardware and software compatibility issues

User-friendly interface

Run simulations with just a few lines of Python code

Numerous simulators

Access dozens of open-source simulation software packages

Take your simulation experience to the next level right now. Install Inductiva API in your favorite Python IDE with a simple command

pip install inductiva

Request API key

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Run the simulators you already know

Accelerate simulations with a simple interface via Inductiva API. Use your own simulation configuration files and start iterating right away.

Turbine simulation with DualSPHysics simulator

Dam break simulation with DualSPHysics simulator

Start from our pre-built scenarios

With Inductiva API, operational issues are completely abstracted. We provide pre-built scenarios of physical models that you can simulate with only a few lines of Python code.

Explore different designs

Analyze the design space of your simulation scenario to assess the effect of varying design parameters and discover new solutions.


Exploration of wine flow in different geometries.
Partnership with WiseShape

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Available simulators

Use the API to run the following open-source simulation packages

Coastal dynamics


Fluid dynamics


Molecular dynamics


Interested in running other simulators at scale? Talk to us