Let's work together

Academic Collaborations

We believe academic institutions are the cornerstone of scientific advancement. At Inductiva, we are permanently seeking to strengthen our connections with academia, as well as with enthusiastic students and researchers.

We are open to participating in joint projects in several fields of research, where our expertise in Machine Learning can play a role in a larger scientific endeavour. If you are a professor or senior researcher at a university or research institute and want to collaborate with us, please email us at

Inductiva has an open-house policy whereby MSc and PhD students can conduct research with us and use the results for their dissertation and thesis. We are building a kind and supportive environment where ambitious ideas can be pursued.

So, if you are a student and you have ideas on how to apply Machine Learning to a fundamental problem in science, we would be happy to brainstorm with you, specially if the idea seems crazy! Please send us an email to swith a brief description of the research idea and the contact of your potential university supervisor. We can work in collaboration with your supervisor to provide co-mentorship, technical support in the fields of Machine Learning and Combinatorial Optimization, and access to computing resources.

Industry Collaborations

At Inductiva, we want to help build a better future. And we believe we can start doing it now, in partnership with the industrial players that are already on the ground.

We are seeking R&D partnerships with industrial partners in several domains of research. We are particularly interested in R&D projects that revolve around optimization challenges, such as the ones that naturally arise in the fields of logistics, drug discovery, development of new materials, among others.

If you are looking for an industrial R&D partner with extensive experience in applying Machine Learning to complex problems, then drop us a line at