Inductiva Research Labs

Large-Scale Simulation, made easy

Access dozens of open-source physical simulation packages from your laptop via a simple Python API. No software configuration headaches. No hardware setup issues.

Our mission is to empower scientists and engineers to solve real world problems using simulation + AI.



We try to develop solutions that are as simple to use as possible so that scientists and engineers can invest their time and talent in addressing truly complex problems.


We believe that World-scale problems can only be addressed when the whole World works together. We want to contribute to that global effort, develop solutions for the community, and invest in developing partnerships that move us closer to a better World.


As builders, we know how hard it is to build something new, and how frustrating it is to work with insufficient tools. We happily do some of the heavy-lifting for you so that you don’t have to.


There are truly large problems that could benefit from a seamless combination of simulation and AI, including clean energy, climate change and global health. Therefore, we set ourselves ambitious goals and we focus on executing them step by step, with a profound wish to have positive impact.

Meet our people!

  • Luís Sarmento

    Luís Sarmento PhD

    Co-founder, CEO

  • Hugo Penedones

    Hugo Penedones

    Co-founder, CTO

  • Clara Gonçalves

    Clara Gonçalves

    Co-founder, COO

  • Augusto Peres

    Augusto Peres

    Applied Mathematician

  • Fábio Cruz

    Fábio Cruz PhD

    Physics and Machine Learning Researcher

  • Rúben Dhanaraju

    Rúben Dhanaraju

    Research Intern

  • Cristiana Carpinteiro

    Cristiana Carpinteiro

    Deep Learning Engineer

  • David Lima

    David Lima

    Physics and Machine Learning Researcher

  • Begaiym Kudainazarova

    Begaiym Kudainazarova

    Software Engineer

  • Luís Cunha

    Luís Cunha

    Software Engineer

  • Ivan Pombo

    Ivan Pombo PhD

    Research Engineer

  • Sofia Guerreiro

    Sofia Guerreiro

    Research Intern

Visiting Researchers

  • João Ribeiro

    João Ribeiro

    Mechanical Engineering PhD Student

  • Bruno Ribeiro

    Bruno Ribeiro

    Mechanical Engineering PhD Student


You can reach out to us by sending us an email at

For Journalist inquiries reach us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our Offices:

Downtown Lisbon (Rua da Prata, 80)
Downtown Porto (Rua dos Bragas, 208)

Designed from inception to operate distributedly, we encourage our team to work both on-site and remotely.